Friday, February 25, 2011

Learn from kids

Maya: (curious) "Look, no sun...”
Dathan: (alarmed) "No sun, no moon and no stars. Why?"
Maya: (puzzled) "Why?"

Me: "No sun, moon or stars, because now it is evening"
Dathan: "What's evening?"
Me: "Evening comes after sunset, before night starts"
Dathan: "Sunset?"
Me: "Evening comes after the day before night"
Dathan: "After day is night. After night is day. Day-night, day-night, day-night- OK?"
Me :"Well that’s right, but after the day ...”
Dathan: "Night!"
Me: "Who told you this?"
Dathan: "Miss Maryam."

Trouble. Miss Maryam's pronouncements are not to be contradicted, corrected, questioned or even evaluated. Any attempt in such a direction will be  scorned and rejected by her loyal disciple. Scoot, my instinct says.

Me: “May be I should read books again and find out more about evenings."
Maya: "What he telling?"
Dathan: "He's just joking. There is no Evening. OK?"
Maya: "OK"

Morale of the story: Never attempt to participate in discussions, unless you are specifically invited. Chances are you will be ignored, ridiculed, cast-out or persecuted.

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