Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Drawing

Acha I wanna show  you something,   I draw something.
You drew.

I drew. Come, look at this!
What does it mean?

The sign on right says "chocking hazard."

The baby on  left didn't understand it, because babies don't know how to read signs.  He is chocking.

Oh. OK  I got it.
Hmm, good?
Great. Whats the message?
What's  message?

Message means... whats does your drawing say to everybody?
My drawing says, babies   dont know what signs says exactly, so if you see something with a chocking hazard sign, keep it away from babies.

Exactly? You mean babies may not know what the sign means?

OK, Can we call this "Babies may not know" ?
Nopes! We should call this a drawing!

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