Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Why cant birds speak?

Know something? Birds cannot talk because they have small mouths

Birds do talk. But they talk their bird language.

Birds cannot talk like boys and girls because they have small mouth

Parrots can talk like boys and girls.

Parrots have bigger mouths than other birds!
? What about dolphins, they have big mouths
! They cant talk because they are in water.


This box is big, this is bigger and this is biggest

What does it really mean, big, bigger and biggest ( lets see if you know how to explain degrees of comparison)

Well, you know big is small, bigger is big and biggest is very big.


Can you make me a coffee?
You can share mine.

I dont like spicy coffee!
Its not spicy, its black coffee

Make it brown, then it will taste nice
How do you make it brown?
I dont know. Brown coffee is nice, black is spicy.


Film review

"This CD has movie of McQueen. She is a race car"

He. McQueen is a male. Its just his name, hes not a queen.

"McQueen loves to race. He wins. Then he damaged road, police car took him to police station. Uncle police told him to fix roads. He didnt like it."
Why not?

"Because he wanted to go for race. Then this blue Porche came and shouted at police car. McQueens weels were given back..."
They took off his locks.

"Yes, and he went to racing again. Everybody takes photos of McQueen only, because she.."

"He is nice and runs very fast. "
Thats all?

"Thats all."
That is not all, he lost once, right?

"No McQueen never loses."
But there was another naughty car that bangs others off.

"Yes. There was a crazy green car. Green car pushes everybody becuase he is bad. He tried to push McQueen, but he jumped away. Then he pushed the old blue car, and he was badly hurt."

Whos he, the green car or blue car?

"Blue car. McQueen was very sad because his friend is hurt and he ran back and pushed the blue car to his end."
The finishing line, not end.

"Then, everybody likes McQueen because he helped the blue car."
And that is it?

"No they all took photos."
They took Mcqueens photographs because they love him more now?

I dont know about that.


Sudeesh Rajashekharan said...

Liked it :-))))

sree said...

"I dont know about that."

As cold as it can be :))